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sit outsideAttend a workshop in the Colorado Rocky Mt. Region to improve your writing skills while relaxing in a mountainside retreat, with endless sunshine and deep-blue skies, breathing in fresh mountain air, and enjoying fresh foods. Be nurtured with warm, professional tutoring on how to get your book or memoirs started or refined, or write short stories and essays. Classes restricted to only one to four people to enable private attention (special arrangements for groups up to eight). Most workshops are especially designed for women. (see below "Home" page for more details.) Includes creative writing in everything you do: fiction, self-help non-fiction, and journalings.

Birthing of Creative Writing, and
Capturing Random Memories

newWriters Tips and Anthology available.
Our compilation book of our finest writing tips and exercises, and samples of works published on our web site over the past three years. Clear, exciting, simple and fun! Visit "Writers: Birthing Creative Writing..." for more details on this anthology. Only $11.95 plus $2 postage.

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Our Retreat suffered great damage during the "Colorado 1,000 Year Flood" and we are renovating this year. We hope we can keep in touch through our Facebook page, where we will post updates and "Writers' News" like writing tips, workshops, links, etc. In the meantime, you can read the details about our workshops below, which will probably not change in the coming year, except for the dates of the workshops. Thanks.
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Missed the deadline for registering?
Sometimes weekends do not get booked until 2 or 3 weeks before the date,
so do not hesitate to call if the weekend date you need is less than one month
away. Also, sometimes there are people who want to switch to a different week,
and a spot might open up. Generally, fees are due in full one month before the workshop,
but other arrangements are sometimes possible for late registrants. Give us a call...

Speciality Workshops

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See our Calendar page for an easy view of what's happening this month.

"Throughout history, artistic expression has been recognized as a catalyst for healing. Art is an expression of mind and spirit, and cannot be left out of our equation of healing...Modern art therapy is being employed as a potent healthcare intervention." Larry Dossey, MD. Author, "Prayer is Good Medicine and Healing Words."

Tentative Week-Long Guided Tours: Aimed at bringing more "springtime" into our lives, year round.

These tours are usually one week long, and take place in spring or fall, when our regular workshops are not taking place. They include unique beautiful lodging and some meals, tour transportation and guides or teachers, and run approximately $1,500.00. (We can arrange to take your small group on their own exclusive trip.) Go to our Specialty Guided Tours for more information.

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US funAttend local festivals and events
Estes Park is just outside of the Rocky Mt. National Park. It has a festival pretty much every weekend during the summer, with many of them lasting a full week. If you would like to stay at our B&B Retreat for a full week to enjoy the area, check out the Chamber Events Calendar and the Lyons Chamber Calendar. Our students get a special rate per night if they stay on (see reservation for for more details).


Do you have a small "Writers Group" or a "Single Women Travellers" group or such? and might be interested in attending a WORKSHOP TOGETHER? Our regular workshops are limited to three people, but we can work with you to accommodate larger groups. Contact us! We would love to offer you a once-in-lifetime experience of going to any of our above workshop on a date mutually agreed to. We can offer single bedroom lodging or shared rooms for a lower price. Don't wait; our calendar fills up fast, as the Rocky Mountains are a very popular destination.


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to stay informed about these and other new workshops.==
==You can extend your stay to enjoy the Colorado Rocky Mts. sights at a discounted rate.==
==Workshops are conducted over 4-day weekends May to September. Contact us for availability.==
==The Retreat was "refreshed" in the fall of 2005/6, and photos are displayed on this page.==
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calendar==See our Calendar page for an easy view of what's happening this month.==

Began Retreats 1998

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Writing Tips (Fourth Quarter 2012)

"Building Stories the Manual Way"

I've been telling you to "think outside the box" for years, and I finally have a perfect example, and IT IS IN A BOX ! "Building Stories" by Chris Ware is a graphic novel, which means it is sort of 3-D. There are pamphlets, pull out or flip pages, books, posters and more. There are countless reviews of the "book" but you might want to try the You-Tube video first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQrPPrhRdpE This is the story of four peope living in a Chicago Apartment complex. It is, on the surface, their everyday life, but the key is that you control it all. Not only will it be fun creating story after story, but for you, a writer, it will (1) help you get a mindset of how stories are created and (2) it will spark ideas of things you could put in your own book. Reviewers have praised it as creating characters that stay in your head forever.

BONUS TIP: E-BOOK READERS: It's Gift Shopping Time. What's different betw. the $60 & $600 readers/tablets?====Most are 9" screens; weigh 1 # more or less; battery life 9-11hr.; pixels around 1200 to 2000.==Start your shopping by asking yourself (1) do you only want it for books (get a cheap B&W one) or do you also want to have games, apps, email etc.(get a color expensive one). (2) What accessories do you need (I said "need" or you are wasting money): camera? quick recharge? easy reading at night or in bright light? capable of adding extra storage? ==Also, remember Kindle only works w/Amazon, and will NOT allow free library books.==OK there you have it! ...your welcome!

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Writing Exercise. (Fourth Quarter 2012)

"Directory of Holidays"

People automatically want to write articles when their favorite big holidays roll around, like Christmas, but there are holiday pretty much every day of the year. Get a directory of them and you will have an endless source of article ideas. In November there is a "Small Business" appreciation day. Just think of all the small businesses you could write about, including their customers. It could be article on (1) how to open a small businesses (2) a list of gifts for the holidays (3) how women have created more small businesses than men, etc. Do a search on the web now for "March holidays" and get going on an article. Many magazines want articles at least three months before they go to print.

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