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GoodLuckTEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY FOR TEA TIME READERS ==March 15th, Thursday - We will be reading limericks, just like we did for our first meeting. Special prizes, dessert, guests! More info coming...

FOR THE BIRDS: A FLOCK OF WRITERS READ ABOUT ALL THINGS AVIAN ==Sept. 21, 2011: Wedn. at 7pm, we will be going to see a special Poetry Reading at the Colorado Museum on the Boulder campus. --- As a part of the Bird Shift exhibition commissioned by EcoArts Connections, enjoy an imaginative, fun-filled event with bird-related stories, essays and poems read by regionally and nationally recognized writers, artists, birders, environmental activists and educators. Light refreshments will be served. Contact us if you want to go as a group from Lyons. write-now

A Day in Nederland, Colorado and the Carousel of Happiness, August 2011

poets-ridingAfter a lovely 50 mile drive along the 10,000 foot MOUNTAIN TOPS and massive canyons of Peak to Peak Highway, we arrived in Neaderland, ate a home-style lunch, and went for a ride on the gorgeous Carousel of Happiness! What fun! One member brought a kid's poem about carousels; another sang a song "round and round," and another wrote a carousel poem from the eyes of one of the animals. We read outside, first by the river, and then by the book store.

***Our FEATURED SUMMER POET is JAK MOO MAW also known as Jack C. Moomaw***(deceased)
He is a famous local Park Ranger who wrote epic narrative poems about the area as well as painted lovely landscapes. I read about a third of the fabulous book (poem) about love, and war. "The Panther's Tail, a Sage of the St. Vrain (river)." 1962. It told the story of a man, from the day he was born, to the day that he died, in the mountains near the St. Vrain river. It showed how wars can ruin a person's life, and if one were to understand the other person's life, and that we are all one with the Universe and God, that there would be no wars.
His most famous book, locally, is "Recollections of a Mountain Ranger" wherein Park service worker Jack Moomaw wrote about the errors 1920s park employees and the national park system, which helped lead to major changes. He also wrote "Orchids, and Roses and Nettles, a book about women for men".

A Day in the Rocky Mt. Natl. Park, 2010

We read pieces by Colorado writers and poets or nature pieces.

rm-readingParticipants brought a poem or a book that has to do with the Park or the Rocky Mt. landscape. We went to Bear Lake in the Rocky Mt. National Park and did a slow walk around the small lake, found a spot to sit on some logs, and read out loud our poems. The lake reflected the surrounding tall pine trees, and the sky was deep blue.

Celebrating Edgar Alan Poe, 2009

poeWe celebrated the 300th anniversary of EDGAR ALAN POE (1809 to 1849). It was open to ANYONE who wanted to come, including readers, writers ....or listeners!

Each person whom attended brought a piece that they had written in the style of Poe's writings. Surprisingly, not all were horror pieces, scary or dark. Director Kathleen Spring researched his life story and presented it to the group. They dissected it, trying to figure out why he wrote the way he did. They also discovered that his earlier work included many love poems. He was thwarted in love as a young man, including a hoped for relationship with a blood relative.

Among Edgar Allan Poe's classic poems are:

"The Raven" // "The Purloined Letter,"// "The Tell-Tale Heart" // "The Cask of Amontillado."

His story "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" is widely considered to be the first modern detective story.

SuperSkyWoman: Coco Gordon, Lyons, 2008

Interactive Poetry Reading and Performance Art.
cocoCoco Gordon performed “Dislodge, Reconfigure”, including interactive action with her audience based on her recent three month residency in Venice, Italy. The "flux writings" and "art adventure," was based on Coco "finding vintage plastics, making installations in the sand that moved around with the tides but persevered, and making sculptures and images with the plastic lengths and curlicues." Participants made large visual poems (laid on the floor) by using odds and end recyclables that Coco brought in. Also, she read from two books of poems that she published while in Venice.

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