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Writing Experience:

Since 1990, newspapers: daily, bi-weekly and weekly newspapers. And, a select number of regional magazines.

Areas of professional expertise:

Wellness, ...features, ...documentary scripts, ...profiles/interviews, ...self-help/how-to, ...historic/research, ...arts and culture, ...reviews, ...festivals/conferences coverage, ...business, ...movies, ...writing instructor.

Personal biography:

onlineSee online Content Company: www.Helium.com
Links to sample articles in: Arts & Humanities ( 1 ) Celebrations & Holidays ( 1 ) Creative Writing ( 1 ) Entertainment ( 1 ) Health & Fitness ( 2 ) Local Guides ( 2 ) Personal Finance ( 2 ) Relationships & Family ( 1 ) Religion & Spirituality ( 1 ) Society & Lifestyle ( 1 ) Travel ( 2 )

Sample article titles: 1.Finding Ghosts at the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado; 2. Link between gum disease and pancreatic cancer; 3. I am self employed. How can I get a health insurance policy?; 4.The climate in Colorado; 5. Creating a new family tradition; (this is a shorter online version; see below for a longer newspaper-style version) 6.Memoirs: Art; 7.Why you can't afford not to have health insurance; 8.How do seniors form friendships?; (This is the shorter version; see below for full article). 9.Six things to watch for in Hollywood in 2010; (This is a shorter version; see below for the full article). 10. How to care for the Alzheimer's Caregiver; (See below for article). 11. Review of Colorado History Museum; 12. An Overview of famous people from Colorado; 13.Why Thanksgiving is about more than just turkey and football; 14. Two articles on the history of International Women's Day and the U.S.'s Women's History Month, March.

Please note: many of these articles have been shortened in order to fit "online content" criteria. Some of the full articles are below.

For other online links to samples of articles, go to main author page.

Sample "How To Write" Articles on www.TeachStreet.com

"The Invisible Writer vs. the Wordy Technician" "There is a difference between the novel (or script) that the readers find joy in reading every word, and a story that is an English composition. Is it written "too proper"? Do you describe the character or scenery in too much detail? Let me ask you, do you remember what it was like when you read a book and decided to skip over "that part"? OK, that's a lot of questions, ...and the answer boils down to you becoming invisible. In general, you are writing a story from the point of view of the main character, not from your own..."....(see more online)...

"Rules for Writing Online""While my workshops focus on publishing your materials in books, magazines and newspapers, I sometimes get the question: how does writing "online" differ?

Print journalists focus on the pyramid article structure. The first paragraph contains: "who, when, where, why, how, what." Details come next, with the final paragraph being the least important.

With online writing, your material is dispersed throughout your article, with the most interesting or catchy items being at the beginning. Often, the online reader is tempted to read only the first sentence, so it is important to pack it with "wow" information."....(see more online)...

"Look at Great Media Jobs Behind-the-Scenes" "Not everyone has the skills and outgoing personality to be a Media Star. Some people are better suited to technical writing, blogging, etc. For every big-time newscaster, there are dozens of people working behind the scenes, adjusting lights, running cameras, researching material. And, except for the one or two star reporters, these behind-the-scene jobs often pay more.

Count how many big-time newscasters there are. You have a chance in a million to get that star job. But more importantly, you need to ask yourself if "the stars in your eyes" are blinding you to following a career that better suits you. Do you have the stamina, presistence and push to make it to that Star spot? Your heart has to be in it in order for you to devote "everything" to getting the job.

Study and get experience in a job that fits your personality and skill aptitude. Do what you love. Some of the top "unseen" jobs that will earn you good money are: 1) Be a technical writer..."....(see more online)...

These articles were the Feature Articles in the Spring Times quarterly newsletter in 9/09, 12/09, and 4/10 respectively. Get on the mailing list by going to: www.SpringTimeWriters.com/news-st.htm .

Sample Articles on www.SelfGrowth.com

Article: "How to Outline Your Thoughts into an Article or Book."

"For centuries, many people have dreamt of publishing a book or getting an article published. Now we can add to that list, getting published online. For many, this is an additional way to get recognition that their ideas and thoughts are worthy. We are all experts at something...whether it is art appreciation, bike racing, car repair, household cleansers, stock purchases, and more. Getting a thank you from a fellow biker, housewife, artist, or a friend, etc. is great, but to get accepted by a publisher and have hundreds or maybe thousands of people read and benefit from our knowledge is exciting.

How does one get started in writing a life story, or a how-to article, or a research paper? There is one tool in the writer's tool box that can give any of these articles a solid start...the outline. Note, this is not the outline of the entire story, using A B C and I II III, but this is an outline of the facts the story is based on. A solid outline will keep the story or article on a clear path for both the writer and the reader.

First, there needs to be a clear subject matter and goal (eg, write about changing the tire on a bike; or how my public school education got me to where I am today). Then, the next step is to develop the simple outline====this is followed by tips on how to use this in various types of writing, such as journalistic, academic, and online.====

Article: "Creating New Family Traditions"

Whether you are a family, a couple or an individual, having family traditions are important to your health and provide a certain feeling of security. And, they can be great fun, too!

There is a well-known much-loved movie and play called “Fiddler on the Roof.” It is the story of hard-working family man Tevye, living a meager life in old Russia, who is trying to hold on to his religion, his traditions and his five daughters, but finds it is a struggle because life is "as shaky as a fiddler on the roof.” He feels traditions are the glue that keeps them stable. The article suggests to the reader to start a tradition of their own; it may be difficult, but the long-term benefits are priceless.

Through thick and thin, a person can hold on to their traditions and feel that, at least for a moment, things are normal and good.===This article continues on to explain different family traditions, with conclusions based on the song "Tradition" from "Fiddler on the Roof."====

Articles on Retirement Communities Blog

Beginning in March 2011, weekly articles/reviews of retirement communities across America have appeared on www.55places.com, such as Prescott Lakes, Arizona and and Tampa Bay Golf Country Club. Others include Cedar Village in Holmdel, New Jersey, and Trilogy at Redmond Ridge, Washington, and more. (500 word count)

Newspaper Writing: Lyons Recorder (print)

See three years of writing samples at Lyons Recorder weekly newspaper page.

Articles include coverage of Art Studio Tours and Walks, Day at the Capital, Town Survey Study, Living History, Senior of the Month, Wellness, Authors' Lane, Festival Coverage, Senior Spot (column) and more.

See award-winning weekly column "SPOT on Senior" and "Senior of the Month." Senior-related articles: Retirement profile of Senior County Counselor, Weekly Column "Valentine's Day activities", Senior of the Month February 2010 profile.

Go to Archives to see extensively researched 2008-2009 articles on: Veterans Day: Four from same family serve; Founding of local OddFellows (65 years), Historic Gathering of Quarry Workers (since 1907), History of Meadow Park, Alternative Look at Motherhood, How Local Playwrights produced their first play.

NOTE: The Lyons Recorder has been sold and they are working on a new "Archive" that will be easier to search (2/10). They no longer employ freelance writers.

Newspaper Writing: Destination Lyons (online)

This Lyons, Colorado online newspaper was started in the spring of 2010. Destination Lyons has new articles every month. It is a very popular website for up-to-the-minute weather in the Front Range. As of December 25, 2010, the 10 articles and three press releases on the Community Bullletin page were either written or edited by Kathleen Spring. All photographs were also taken by Spring.

Articles include coverage of Christmas events, including annual parade, fireworks, bazaar and more. Also, local awards granted, charity food baskets, museum activities, profiles, workshops and other competitions. Please NOTE, that they are updating their website May 2011, and the archive of articles will be eliminated. Contact them for recommendations.

Newspaper Writing: Redstone Review

This is a monthly newsmagazine that is distributed in the Lyons Front Range. Four "social" articles, with photographs, announcing or reviewing events happening for Lyons seniors; published in 2010. Redstone Review Note, the publisher no longer has a "senior column."


These articles are also available for sale. They are copyrighted and cannot be used, according to federal law, without the written permission of the author.

Health/Wellness, Business

"Colorado leads the race in health care reform." Comparing Colorado's health care bills passed in the legislature as compared to the federal bills being proposed. (word count 773; 2 pgs.)

History, Profile

"Don Colard points to hard work as key to longevity. Celebrates his 90th birthday" Tales of a 15 year old running off to work with horses, up to what keeps him occupied at age 90. (word count: 1,429; 3 pgs)

Art and Culture

Art Studio Tour and Walk."Strolling through the minds of Lyons’ artists." Preview of art tour, and highlighting three artists. (word count: 1,635; 3 pgs)

Feature Article/Thanksgiving

"Thanking those 'Don't See' People at Thanksgiving." Thinking about those you "don't see" or "don't want to see" at Thanksgiving and taking actions in the spirit of the holiday. (word count: 651; 1-1/2 pgs)
This is also available as K.Spring's feature article on www.Helium.com

How To, Life Style

"Creating Family Traditions; the Importance of Traditions" Some ways to add new traditions to family life, and reasons why they are important or successful. (word count: 970 word; 1-1/2 pgs)
A shorter version of this is on www.Helium.com

Film Review

"Predictions of Six Most Popular Hollywood Trends in 2010 Movies." 3-D regularized, IMAX expansion, Legendary Heroes, Improved Animation, Non-political War Stories, Graphic Novels (word count: 946; 1-1/2 pgs.)
Film Reviews also available.
A shorter version of this is on www.Helium.com

How To, Seniors, Wellness

Taking Care of Caregivers of Alzheimer's Patients. List of two steps to take (and sub categories) for better health of the caregiver. (word count: 1,192; 2 pgs)
This is also available on www.Helium.com

Newsletter Writing

writerKathleen Spring publishes three Newsletters:

SpringTime Writers Newsletter: This quarterly newsletter offers free writing and journaling exercises and tips, fact-filled material on contests and publications wanting writers, reviews of writing-related books and web sites. Check out the sample online Newsletters.

Rocky Mt. Retreat Wellness Newsletter: This quarterly newsletter offers short articles with wellness tips; reviews of books and web sites. Check out the sample online Newsletters.

Lyons History Video Project: twice a year newsletter to update interested parties on local history preservation projects and programs.

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